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Benefits of the North Raleigh Air Maintenance Program

Good maintenance is the key to keeping equipment running efficiently and with a longer life.

Yearly service allows us to catch those little problems before they become bigger, more expensive issues. With our maintenance check-ups we check all of your equipment and ensure that everything is running according to the manufacturer's specifications.

+ As your furnace gets older, the heat exchanger runs the risk of having cracks which can lead to carbon monoxide being introduced into your air stream and being pumped into your home.

+ Keeping your coils clean is important not only to keep your system up and running, but also to maintain its peak efficiency. We can chemically clean your coils and help your system work as efficiently as possible.

+ Keeping your air filters clean is the easiest thing that a home owner can do to keep their HVAC system running properly. Dirty filters can cause all kinds of problems.

Protect your investment in comfort with our yearly maintenance agreement which includes:

+ Twice-yearly checkups on your heating and air conditioning equipment

+ Discounted prices on any necessary repairs needed at the time of service
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Yearly Service Agreement Rates


1 System$140 Annually

2 Systems$220 Annually

3 Systems$310 Annually

4 Systems$350 Annually

Each yearly service agreement includes two system checkups per year, but does not include air filter replacements.
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Flat Rate Pricing


We use flat rate pricing for our intallation, repair, replacement, and service work. Those of our customers with service agreements are charged a lower tier price rate.

Reduced Service Call Rate

With a service agreement any service calls needed while under contract would be at a reduced rate of $69